WA Made & handcrafted using traditional recipes and finest premium ingredients. Our WA Made product range are gluten free and free from any additives or Preservatives. The Spice Library range includes; Gluten Free Meal Kits, Gourmet bottles & Spice blends. As we endeavor to source as much local as possible, from time to time you may find some of the WA made range out of stock.

Gluten Free Meal Kits

Persian gourmet meal kits hand-crafted in WA using traditional family recipe. Gluten Free, No preservatives or additives. 100% Natural Ingredients. Persian Packs meal kits contain all the core ingredients such as roasted spices and exotic Persian ingredients. Easy to cook up a wholesome meal, all you have to source is the wet ingredients such as meat, onion, garlic & oil.

Gourmet Pastes & Condiments

The Spice Library Home-made and gluten free gourmet Pastes, Ghee and Condiments are a collection of traditional family recipes. Our range are handcrafted using fresh local produce free from additives, artificial flavoring or preservatives. Recipes are available with each gourmet bottles.

Spice Blends

The Spice Library’s Spice blends are freshly roasted, ground and hand-crafted in Perth WA. Our spice blends and spice mixes are collections of traditional recipes and contain NO preservatives, additives, MSG or flavouring.

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