About The Spice Library

The Spice library – a household name in Perth Western Australia known for its premium quality ingredients. Our journey started in 2011 with a small collections of favourite spices, spice mixes and gluten free meal kits sold at local farmers markets.

Spice Library ingredient hub is an extension of my own personal journey through food and discovery of new ingredients.

As a self-thought home cook and a local gourmet food producer-  I believe that a great dish starts with fresh quality ingredients. So, the ingredients offered at my online shop is a reflection of my own pantry and have been hand-picked for use in my everyday home-cooking.

Through my proudly Australian owned and made brands, the Spice Library and Persian Gourmet, I am committed to sourcing and producing quality handcrafted products for every home cook across the globe.

You will also see my products across hand-picked independent supermarkets, gourmet outlets and boutique retailers. Get to know your local grocer and be sure to ask them about our range.

Join our online email subscription and blog. Here, I share with you recipes, cooking tips and cooking demonstrations so that you can create your own food memories.

Have fun creating delicious dishes at home.

Culinary Regards,


(Spice Blender, Passionate home-cook & founder of the Spice Library Ingredient Hub and Persian Gourmet)

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