Preserved Lemons (335g)


Preserved Lemons are naturally handcrafted by the Spice Libraryusing local WA lemons. Preservative Free.  Gluten free. 100% Natural.

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Preserved lemons is a family recipe shared through four generations of home cooks.

Made locally using 100% WA lemons, the Spice Library employs traditional family recipes producing authentic flavour.

North African and Middle Eastern cuisines use this ingredient to create tagines and casseroles. Hence it makes a perfect flavoring or addition  for salads, couscous, Moghrabieh, Bulgur and Moroccan Tagines.

Use along other Spice Library Complimentary Products such as Harissa paste or Ras-el-Hanout.

Preserved Lemons Cooking Suggestions:

Rinse before use to remove excess salt.

The lemon peel can be diced finely & used in Tagines, Stews & Soups. the pulp is bitter and can be used or discarded.


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