Split pea Stew – Ghaimeh


Split Pea Stew One Pot Favourite

Ghaimeh or Split pea Stew is a traditional Persian dish celebrated by all.


One Pot Favourite.

Split Pea stew is a traditional Persian dish celebrated by all. A slow-cooked one pot wonder cooked in a rich tangy tomato base, topped with an indulgent treat of home-cut frites.

The best cut of meat for this stew is lamb shanks or beef chops as it heightens the overall flavour of this dish

Split Pea Stew – Ghaimeh Cooking tips:

  1. Highly recommended to use concentrated tomato paste.
  2. Use combination of lamb shank and lamb neck OR meat on bone.
  3. Best enjoyed when served with our Persian Cumin Rice.

Vegetarian Options:

  1. Use Potato and Swiss brown mushroom instead of meat.
  2. Chop vegetables in chunky pieces.

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