Rendang Curry

Rendang Curry Rendang curry a classic Malaysian curry. I am a BIG fan of Malaysian cuisine even though some recipes require a lot of preparation. Not to... Read More

Flour Tortillas

Flour Tortillas – principle food of the Aztecs is a delightful and simple recipe enjoyed by everyone across the globe. Tortillas can be made from stone ground... Read More

Broadbean Rice

Broadbean Rice. Chile Marcado central is the inspiration for this recipe. After spending 5 days in Chile and recovering from a serious jet lag, It was time... Read More

Homemade Banana Cupcakes

Homemade Banana Cupcakes. Do you also feel guilty of throwing away the sad looking bananas on your fruit platter? I know I do. So it was time... Read More

Israeli Moghrabieh

Israeli Moghrabieh I absolutely love grains and pulses anytime of the year in particular during the cooler months. Israeli Moghrabieh or giant couscous as you may know... Read More

Persian Zucchini Kuku

Persian Zucchini Kuku I absolutely love this vegetarian Kuku. The Persian word Kuku translates to Frittata. This dish is an absolute favourite snack or quick lunch in... Read More

Punjabi Leavened Bread

Punjabi Leavened Bread Punjabi Leavened Bread especially enjoyed in Punjab in north-west India and Pakistan, is cooked in a traditional coal or wood-fired clay oven called a... Read More

Persian Sweet Rice (Persian Pilaf)

Persian Sweet Rice. Persian sweet recipe comes with some very sweet childhood memories for me. A day like today – cool and rainy autumn day reminds of... Read More

Argentinian Stew

Argentinian Stew slow cooked in mud oven. This recipe, Argentinian Stew, is inspired by my visit to the Casa de Camp vineyard whilst in Mendoza. One of... Read More

Jordanian Beef Brisket

Jordanian Beef Brisket with Saffron and Pistachio yoghurt Recipe Jordanian Spice Mix is a classic red meat spice mix. This spice mix combines the flavors of Cardamom,... Read More
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