Nigella Seed (Onion Seeds)


Nigella Seeds also known as Onion seeds are widely used in pickling onions, tossing through steamed cabbage & curries. Also delicious when sprinkled on pastry, flat or Turkish bread.

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Nigella Seed is also known as Onion seeds or Kalonji spice. This spice is often used in Indian, Mediterranean and European cuisines. In Middle Eastern cuisine, Nigella Seeds are used in pickles, mixed with white sesame seeds and sprinkled on pita or Turkish bread.

Nigella seeds are one of the main ingredient used in the Spice Library’s Bengali spice mix Panch Phoran. It is also used on its own in combination with other spices in many Bengali dishes.

The flavour of this spice can be described as combination of cumin and aniseed flavour.

Nigella Seed Serving Suggestion

  • Toss through steamed cabbage
  • Use in pickling onions
  • Sprinkle on pastry
  • Sprinkle on bread dough

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