Pasilla Chilli


Pasilla Chilli is a dried form of the long & narrow Chilaca pepper.Pasilla Chilli or Pasilla Negro is commonly used in sauces imparting a mild and fruity flavour.

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Pasilla Chilli is a dried form of the long & narrow Chilaca pepper.

Imparting a mild and fruity flavour makes it ideal for sauce making . Additionally, this chilli is a flavorful spice with berry-raisin-cocoa overtones.

Also, this Chilli is often combined with fruits and are excellent served with duck, seafood, lamb, mushrooms, garlic, fennel, honey or  Mexican  Oregano.

Product of Mexico with no added preservatives or additives.

Chilli Heat:

1 chilli



Scoville rating 1,000-3,999 (low)

Pasilla Chilli Serving Suggestions:

  • Fruit salsa – often combined with fruits
  • Excellent used with duck, seafood, mushroom and garlic.
  • Add Mexican oregano to complement the flavours of Pasilla chile.


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  • Pasilla Chilli

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