Amchoor Powder 100g


Also known as Amchur powder, green mango powder. Amchoor or Amchur powder is a fine, off-white powder with a tarty, sour & tangy flavour. Commonly used in Indian curries and mango chutneys.

Product of India.

Packed by The Spice Library in Perth WA.

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Amchoor Powder is a fine, off-white to pale grey powder made from dried, sliced green mangoes. Amchoor powder has a fruity acidity reminiscent of lemon juice and is used predominantly as a souring agent in curries, in much the same way as tamarind. Amchoor powder compliments fish and even adds a delicious tang to red meats when rubbed on with a little freshly ground black pepper before barbecuing, grilling or roasting.

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