Wild Persian Figs


Naturally sun-dried sweet baby figs with crunchy texture. Natural source of fibre.


Wild Persian Figs are naturally sun-dried. They are natural source of  fiber – sweet nectar flavor with crunchy texture.

This fruit is highly concentrated source of minerals and vitamins. Naturally Sun-dried Fruits with no added preservatives or additives.

Wild Persian Figs Serving Suggestion:

1. Enjoy as a healthy snack.
2. Add to yoghurt, Muesli or porridge in the morning.
3. Perfect accompaniment to cheese platter particularly Camembert, Brie, blue or goat cheese.

4. Add to biryani rice dishes.

This is one of the key ingredient for Lamb meatball with barberries  and figs.


Check out the Turkish varieties for alternative.


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  • Babay Figs
  • Naturally Sun-dried
  • Product of Iran

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