Persian barberries are Sweet, sour and tarty in flavour suitable for use in rice dishes, stews, casseroles or to be enjoyed as a healthy treat. This unique ingredient, barberries, is widely used in Middle-Eastern Cuisines.


Barberries are from family of Cranberries rich in anti-oxidant & Vitamin C.

Barberry flavor profile is described as Sweet, sour and tarty in flavor.

For instance, hearty rice dishes, pilaf or stews in Persian or Middle-Eastern cooking readily use this gourmet ingredient.

furthermore, many culinary applications of this exquisite  ingredient compromises of chocolate making, desert and ice-cream just to name a few.

Barberries Serving Suggestions

  • Also Persian rice dishes such as jeweled rice
  • Also Pilaf
  • Add to meatballs or stuffed chicken
  • It is quintessential ingredient in Saffron & Barberry Rice dish

Handy Tips:

Store in a cool dry place such as freezer for longer lasting freshness and flavour.

See the recipe for Lamb Meatball or try our locally made meal kit (Saffron & Barberry Rice)

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  • 100% Naturally Sun-dried Barberry

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