Persian Rose Petals


Persian Rose petals is a traditional Persian ingredient used in spice mixes or aromatic pilaf. Persian rose petals are also widely used for decoration.

Product of Iran.

Packed by The Spice Library in Perth WA.

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Edible Persian Rose petals.

In Persian Cuisine, rose petals are traditional ingredient used in spice mixes, desert or aromatic pilaf.

Also, Persian Black tea uses dried petals to make refreshing brew.

For examples, the petals are widely used for decoration of desserts or other delicate treats.

Persian Rose Petal Serving Suggestions:

  • Add to pilaf
  • used for cake decoration
  • mix with cucumber and yoghurt
  • Add to Ceylon tea for an rose infused black tea brew
  • Add to ice cream
  • Use as a spice

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  • 100% Naturally sun-dried rose petals

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