Recipes. Cooking feeds my soul. This is my page to share with you my passion for food and cooking. I am Anna and I live in the gorgeous city of Perth, Western Australia. My food philosophy is all about cooking real food, exploring different flavors and cuisines. Most importantly celebrating home-made meals across the table with loved ones, family and friends.

Persian cookery defines me as a cook and is a huge part of me. Growing up in my mum’s Persian kitchen, the skills passed down, the honest and unpretentious way of preparing food plays an important role in the creative dishes I present to you – my fellow foodies.

My style of cooking is spontaneous, adventurous and fun. I love cooking with new ingredients – hence the obsession for sourcing unique and exotic ingredients or delicacies for the Spice Library Shop.

The Spice Library Blog is a personal journey through food and cooking so I invite you to join me. And don’t forget to follow me on Spice Library Facebook.

My food philosophy is all about cooking, exploring and celebrating real food. Food that is unpretentious, fresh, plenty and can be shared across a table with people you love.
Enjoy selections of my recipes.
Happy Cooking!
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